Tigers History Podcast – Episode #009 – Graham Womack on which Tigers will make the Hall of Fame


Graham Womack talks about the 2017 veterans ballot for the Hall of Fame, and the chances of Jack Morris, Alan Trammell, and Lou Whitaker to get their ticket to Cooperstown.


0:54      how and why the veterans committees were recently restructured
4:51       the effect of having multiple players from same team on the ballot
6:20      how the committee might view Jack Morris’ candidacy
7:56       how career peak and longevity factor into voting
9:34       how some voters rely on the eye test
11:16     explaining the absence of Lou Whitaker
12:57     Alan Trammell’s potential reaction to being enshrined before Whitaker
13:51     the potential impact of Trammell’s induction in creating momentum for Whitaker
15:36     on interviewing Whitaker about his Hall chances
18:18     on interviewing Denny McLain
20:17     on Rocky Colavito’s anger at the voting process
22:46    on interviewing Leo Mazzone about former Tigers pitching coach Johnny Sain
24:27    making predictions for next month’s vote


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