Tigers History Podcast – Episode #010 – Dan D’Addona, author of ‘In Cobb’s Shadow’

Dan D’Addona writes about the Hall of Fame careers of Sam Crawford, Harry Heilmann, and Heinie Manush in his book In Cobb’s Shadow.


0:55       working at the Baseball Hall of Fame
2:34       choosing to write about these 3 players
6:23       why Sam Crawford was one of the great power hitters of the deadball era
7:53        Crawford’s interview for Glory of Their Times, and his relationship with Ty Cobb
14:14      how the Tigers’ three straight World Series losses hurt Crawford’s legacy
16:49      the impact of falling just short of 3,000 hits
19:14      the lost art of the triple, and why Crawford’s all-time record will endure
21:57       how Harry Heilmann emerged to take Crawford’s place
24:06      the significance of Heilmann’s achievement of batting .400
26:18      how Heilmann’s broadcasting career endeared him to a new generation of fans
27:48      how the 1920s Tigers’s lineup rivaled the mighty Yankees
29:44      how Heinie Manush’ multiple teams hurt his chance to be remembered
32:28      on Manush’s family’s efforts to preserve his memory
36:01      how Tiger fans should remember these three Hall of Famers

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