Tigers History Podcast – Episode #008 – Amber Roessner, author of ‘Inventing Baseball Heroes: Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, & the Sporting Press in America’


Amber Roessner talks about the relationship between baseball stars and journalists in the early 20th century, and how historians today evaluate the complex personality and image of Ty Cobb.


1:30    growing up in Georgia as a fan of Ty Cobb
3:48    how Cobb got Grantland Rice’s attention as a minor leaguer in 1904
6:49    the “gee whiz” school of sports journalism in the 20th century
10:04  how the press painted Cobb and Mathewson as gentlemen and heroes
15:23   how Cobb’s image changed over time
17:19   why Cobb and Mathewson had ghostwritten articles appear in their name
21:14   Cobb and Mathewson’s dangerous chemical weapons accident while serving together during World War I
22:39   why the press was reluctant to embrace Babe Ruth as baseball’s savior in the 1920s
24:26   how the press’ role in sports coverage today compares with a century ago
28:04   historians’ role in examining competing claims and narratives about Ty Cobb
34:22   the marginalization of female sports writers and sports historians


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