Tigers History Podcast – Episode #012 – Jay Jaffe, author of ‘The Cooperstown Casebook’



Jay Jaffe literally wrote the book on who belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He talks about Jack Morris, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, and why Hall of Fame voters make mistakes.

1:04     why inducting Alan Trammell would be a sign of progress in veterans committee voting
3:11      whether veterans committee voters are immune to advances in analytics
6:54      the effect on voting of having two Tigers on the same ballot
8:18      the effect on voting of Trammell and Whitaker’s careers coinciding
11:49    why Whitaker has been snubbed by voters
13:37    the importance of a player’s peak in Hall of Fame voting
18:13    why Trammell has been snubbed by voters
23:22    the appeal, and limits, of an objective metric for Hall of Fame worthiness
26:12    recent debate about Wins Above Replacement, which is the foundation of JAWS
30:41    how the Hall of Fame views criticism and calls for reform

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