Tigers History Podcast – Episode #016 – Charles Leerhsen, author of ‘Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty’


Charles Leerhsen talks about changing people’s minds about Ty Cobb in his bestselling biography of the Tigers legend.

1:12    how the book has made an impact in changing how people see Ty Cobb
3:00    how showing a different Cobb was a hard sell
7:52     why the opening scene of Cobb as an actor in a theater cast doubts on the conventional narrative about him
11:36    how Cobb used his split-hands grip to make last-second decisions about how to hit the ball
14:55   why Cobb’s primary goal on the basepaths was evasion of the fielder
18:59    Cobb’s resentment of the emergence of Babe Ruth and baseball’s embrace of the home run
21:39    getting to the bottom of Cobb’s confrontation with a groundskeeper in Augusta, Georgia
24:20    what was behind Cobb’s various off-field scuffles
25:55     re-examining the usual story about Cobb’s run-in with hotel management in Cleveland in 1909
30:05    Cobb’s alleged role in a game-fixing agreement in 1919
32:55    piecing together murky accounts of allegations of an attack on a housekeeper
39:58    reconciling the complications and contradictions of Cobb’s character
43:32    why Al Stump’s partially fictional portrayal of Cobb was so influential
51:59    recollections of co-authoring a book with Donald Trump

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